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Aries (October 2017)

There will be some good news, early, this month. You’ll taste financial success. Also, your endeavors in economic field will be fruitful. Your efforts will be complemented by your siblings’ support. In mid-October, perhaps, you might fall in a catch-22 situation. Apart from your regular work, you’ll be occupied in household chores, because of which you’ll be able to pay very less attention to yourself.

You need to be prudent in work-related matters, throughout this month. Some of your coworkers will show dominance over you. Tackle the situation wisely. Take suggestions from seniors as they’re valuable. You’ll have a rendezvous with new people, which will be beneficial. This is a good time for students to showcase their talents. No matter how much work you do, your enthusiasm won’t fade away. However, getting enrolled in an institution can be a little exhausting.


Take extra care of your health, this month. The planetary motions and Shani will keep troubling you every now and then. Natives suffering from chronic diseases are advised to have timely medication. You’ll spend pleasurable time with family. Keep your temper, before making decisions, as you might get restless, at times. You might go on a tour, along with your siblings. There are chances for minor disagreements with family. However, your love for one another will persist. Your kids' studies are a matter of concern, as they show more in sports. Also, a good research about institutions is essential to have them enrolled in the right one. 

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