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Scorpio (May 2016)

This month you will be getting mixed results with the negative events on the heavier side as compared to the positive results.

On the positive side you will have surprise wealth gain. It can be in the form of inheritance or by winning a lottery. But the sad part of it is that you will not be able to save the money as your expenditure will go much beyond your control and you will feel helpless. Monetary losses in business are also indicated this month. There is risk of robbery at home so be very cautious. You may also have an accident this month so be careful while driving or travelling. You may have to go on journey to places near and far but try to avoid it. Monetary losses in court cases are also indicated.

On the positive side you will get full support from your wife and children. The atmosphere at home will be pleasant and harmonious. You will spend money on new clothes and jewelleries and this will make you and your family very happy. 

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