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Scorpio (October 2017)

You’ll see positives and negatives, this month. You’ll encounter some sudden problems. Your rivals will intrude in your personal as well as business matters and try to defame you. Things will turn out positive post mid month, after Saturn’s ill effects fade away. Till that time, focus on strengthening your finances.

At work, you’llhave more troubles than pleasurable moments. Preparing yourself and enduring the ups and downs is the best thing you can do, at the moment. If you have plans of any investment, it is better to postpone, as your financial situation is also not approving. Don’t jump to conclusions. Take decisions after careful thought.

You’ll have to put greater efforts and think wisely so as to accomplish your goals. You can choose esoteric subjects in your course. You need to hit entrance examination to get enrolled in technical or research-oriented courses.

One of your family members might suffer from one or other ailment, and the situation keeps worsening. This demands frequent visits to hospitals and consequently, your expenses will shoot up. Mental stress is high, which causes headaches. You also lack physical pleasures.

Disputes emerge because of one or the other reason in the family. Children have their own share of problems that add to your distress. You may plan for an outing to get relief from stress. Problems will fade out, later this month. Most importantly, your economic situation will improve. If you deal with things calmly, you will be stress free. In spite of all these, petite problems in married life will persist. However, people in love will have a good time.

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