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Taurus (October 2017)

Financial gains are encouraging, this month, for Taurus natives. Also, you値l get enough support from friends and family members. Atmosphere at home is peaceful. You値l get a great relief, as you値l be clearing a major portion of your debts. Moreover, you値l buy some valuable items for yourself and your family. You値l spend some joyful time with kids. Start preparing yourself to meet your short-term goals.

You値l get good opportunities, at workplace. Also, your involvement in it will become more and your skills will be highly appreciated. Because of good co-operation from coworkers, you値l achieve beyond expectations. You値l take your past mistakes positively and change your strategies. Businessmen will come across new opportunities. Also, you値l think about business expansion. For this reason, you might be required to travel to major cities. Investments can give you handsome returns, but keep them small. Your family will also play a significant role in the business.

Students will meet new buddies during admission. Who will become dearer and be supportive. However, they値l take time to adapt to the new environment.Minor health issues are on and off, this month. So, take good care of your health. Also, be careful while riding or driving. Your blood pressure can hit a higher reading. So, try to maintain composure as much as possible.


Your house will be filled with guests, this month and you値l be busy like a bee, serving them you値l have a good relationship with neighbors. You might plan for a picnic with them. Consequently, your expenditure will be unusually high. Some property-related issues might surface, which will keep you worrying. However, past time with friends and in social activities will compensate the stress.

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