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Cancer (October 2017)

You’ll come up with new ideas. Financial gains are satisfactory and your strenuous efforts will not go in vain. It is the best time for socializing and widening your network.You’ll see a positive change, later, this month. However, your expenditure might be on the higher side, this month. Shut down any investment ideas if you have any. There might be some sudden issues in the family. Your coworkers will be supportive, at office. Your seniors will also appreciate and respect you. To get new projects, you might have to travel extensively and meet new clients. You’ll get a proposal for biz tie up. With their support, you can take your business to a higher level. Your expenses will be at peak suddenly, later this month.

Students are recommended to put greater efforts and maintain them, in order to reach their current ambitions you’ll pursue higher education, for that to be successful, the efforts should continue with persistence.You have to utilize your energy in the right way, without negligence. In order to maintain God health. Start practicing Yoga and meditation. Let the be an integral part of your daily routine. Abrupt changes in your eating practice can have a bad effect on your health.


Try to control your language and gain composure when in anger. Converse with your family members with considerateness to have a nice atmosphere, at home. Minor conflicts with spouse are possible, which might have a bad effect on the relationship, temporarily. But, such a situation can be avoided if you understand and handle it calmly. Your children’s mischievous work can be worrisome. The planetary positions will change in your favor, later this month. 

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