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Virgo (October 2017)

There a decrease in your quick-witted ability and astuteness, earlier this month. So, it is better to seek the advice of your seniors before taking decisions. You’ll see some positive changes, later this month. Your financial situation will improve and your will power will become stronger. You’re likely to develop interest in reading religious books and mysterious stories.

Workplace is indicative of acute competition.Try and put of important assignments until the situation is restored by lull, which is likely in the later part of this month. You might face trouble from your seniors. You’ll be restless and disheartened as things don’t go as per design. So, no expectations equals no disappointments. Follow this until things fall into place. Natives dealing with property will savor profits.

Students will have great difficulty in focusing on studies because they’re occupied in various other unusual tasks. Thus, it is recommended that they start adopting meditation that helps enhance concentrating power. You’ll be the best person to choose from several options, as far as career development. Your health seems to be somewhat okay except that you’ll have some minor stomach aches every now and then, but the ill health of one of your family members will be a matter of concern. Avoid consuming heavy meals.

There might be some sudden issues in the family that keeps bothering you. But your companionship with friends will be a stress reliever. The expenses are high, this month. So, you might opt for a personal loan, to have financial independence. There may be some conflicts with family members, especially father. Arguments with your spouse are also likely. So you to keep your temper. People who are engaged in love affair will have a good time.

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