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Libra (October 2017)

Your passion and enthusiasm towards work is high, but is affected by some family controversies. In addition, your financial condition might be gloomy, in the middle of the month. Despite that, your expenses are said to soar because of extensive travel. Be a little watchful as your enemies can show dominance. Your confidence level is low lying. Be prudent while you’re on a vehicle.

You’re busy like a beaver, this month. You’ll be all of a doodah about the various kinds of tasks at hand. A significant change will happen, for good.  Some disagreement s will occur between you and some of your colleagues, at workplace. You’ll do everything possible to display your skills to your seniors. If you are in business, you need to work on the statistics and come up with new strategies so as to take your company to a higher level. Contractors will have a tug-of-war with competitors.

Students will be able to better focus on whatever they do. With full dedication, they’ll be able to carve a niche for themselves. Also, you’ll be busy, preparing yourself for enrollment in institutions.A change in weather can badly influence your health.You’ll suffer from stomach-related issues. Some might suffer from migraine. So, you to relax as much as possible. Your mom’s health can get deteriorating.

After a long time, you’ll spend ample time with family. Conflicts with partner is likely, but they can be sorted out by simply staying calm. Bliss is in store for you after sometime. Happiness is on and off for loving pairs.

You’ll get into a dispute with an elderly person in the family. Keep control of the words you use when you’re angry. Positive changes are likely after mid month. You might purchase a property, but have the documentation and other work done only after this. 

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