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Pisces (December 2017)

You will focus on personality development, this month. Your researching abilities and creativity will help you cook up new ideas and discoveries. Your high energy level will help you handle increased workload. Because of the extremely busy schedule, you wonít be able to spend much time with your family. Income might keep rolling in. However, your expenses are also on the higher side. You need to somehow have a balance between your gains and expenses. Think twice before lending money to anyone. Avoid investments in the share market, as losses are indicative.

After your regular work, you will spend a few hours to earn some extra income with new ideas. There might be disagreements with co workers and superiors, at office. Moreover, your seniors might not be supportive. You can try for a new job, this month. More so, it is better to start your own business, but after a good research.

This time favours Romeos and Julietís. Youíll most likely get a green signal from the person you love and propose. Married natives have to show some care and concern to their spouses, as this will maintain the relationships. Your spouse will possibly receive some rewards and recognitions at work. Donít forget to appreciate them. If your children throw temper tantrums, donít at once react harshly. Donít scold them for having scored less in examinations.

Be polite. Your health is okay, but workload at office can be a little Stressful. Moreover, conflicts are possible between the family members, which can be worrying. Donít expect support from your family at this point. A special event might take place, which might revive your familyís disrupted state.

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