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A Habit- How To Make One & How To Break One

We intentionally or inadvertently develop few habits wherein some habits are good and some are bad. We all know that good habits always give benefits whereas bad habits give dreadful or most terrible result. And it is also a well known fact that bad habits die hard or for longer we have one more difficult is to quit it.

Most of us would like to overcome our bad habits but do not have the mental grit to execute it.  We often make plans, rules and even resolve to see our habit go but eventually we come up with one reason or the other to see that habit survive. We never know that here we are being deceived by ourselves.

A smoker finds numerous ways to keep his habit of smoking going, a habitual drinker forgets his promises by the fall of evening and is on his usual ways, a woman may shop quite often without requirement, a student may never study to the requirement, children may get glued to television of computer, a spouse finding ways to remain out of house etcetera.

It is very difficult to get rid of bad habit and equally difficult to inculcate good habit in us. We may preach our younger all the good values and habit but do we really do them ourselves or just make excuses and wait for another day to implement those.

Before the bad things we follow begin taking a toll on us, a suitable method should be devised so that the habit we do not want, vanish. One thing here should be understood quite clearly that if the bad habit is with you for quite a long or you are following it quite persistently then chances are that it won’t go that easily. 

Now if you have the will then astrology can surely show you the way. As astrology is a helping tool to get rid of bad habits and is a winning tool to help inculcate good habits.

Your astrological chart is the decoding key which could help deducing the way which suits you the most. It can figure out the planets responsible for letting you/ not letting you stick to the plans you have been making and braking since long.

Your ascendant chart along with the Moon, Chaturmansha and Navamsa charts when read in tandem help deduce the range of possibilities. A complete methodology along with the range of remedial measures which could work best for you can be effectively worked out.

Your will power is the main thing to play with. Once the will power is elevated then conquering upon the ills or adding on new habits can never be a problem. To start things going your noble way just strengthen you ascendant lord. A strong ascendant lord without the blemish of cruel planets helps in increasing the will power.

An astrologer can figure out the most convenient ways and methodology for you to start the voyage of a healthy you. Never ever think that things cannot be achieved, Always think “I can do this “or “I can be this”. The truth is “The longer I have a habit, the more fun it is to break.

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