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Corruption a helping hand or monster for usEven though corruption is considered a major ill of modern society, it is not something that it has taken shape in recent times. Corruption is a monster which is outstretching its tentacles in every part of the society. It has been a part of human interaction since maybe, the beginning of civilization. In fact it has its origins in a basic feature of human nature: the desire to favour others and in turn to be favoured by others. Corruption is also related to some aspects of human nature as greed, laziness, selfishness and jealously. In India, the main reason for the failure in controlling corruption is that the ruling class, consisting of politicians and bureaucrats, irrespective of party affiliations and social backgrounds is corrupt itself.

It is not easy to move ahead against the issue of corruption because we ourselves, owing to the fraudulent system in which we live, may be knowingly or unknowingly adopting corrupt practices. Though none might individually be corrupt or none might support corruption, yet there would be a feeling of helplessness towards corruption because of its inevitability in getting things done. In such cases, corruption may even achieve the respectability of a necessary instrument of survival. Thus we realise that even a people’s movement against corruption has the risk of failure. We are not corrupt openly but we are the part of corruption as directly or indirectly we are supporting it. We better know that if we run by the rules, we will remain last.

Believe it or not but even we at some circumstances become the part of corruption. There are situations in the present day scenario where we offer bribes to get our work done. Even today there are places where people give bribes to the middle officials to cut short their fat electricity bills. Instead of following the rules and regulations, we use illegal measures not realising our role in corruption. Driving licenses are being made for under age children not thinking about the devastating results that it can bring. Water supply is being provided to homes through outlawed measures. We have not even left schools. The educational institutions give admission to the children on basis of donations their parents give to school authorities, instead of observing their ability to grasp things and mark sheets. The bank- managers take huge sums of bribes for granting loans. The most pity thing is that we our self-offer this money to get our work done. Not only this, but people are getting selected in the national and international teams either by giving huge amounts of money or by using the approach of a highly influential person. I have seen this happen in real before my eyes. Today when we are caught by the traffic police on roads for over speeding, drinking and driving etc. we simply give them a note of 500 Rupees and rescue ourselves. Everyone must be aware of this situation. Corruption is happening in and around us but what are we basically doing? We don’t even realize that we are being a part of it.

We have to offer bribers every now and then. Bribery is considered one of the greatest evils of the modern society. These days the evil of bribery has spread its clutches in the entire nation. The main cause for flourishing corruption is the public misconception about it. Actually we are mostly unaware of the debilitating effects of corruption on development and human rights. We always condone corruption rather than fighting against it. Somehow we are sheltering instead of exposing them. Actually low payoff officials, absence of incentives for honest and efficient performers, high tax structure, custom duties, prevalence of contact systems, unchecked election expenses, vote buying, inefficient management of queue system, absence of effective information, monitoring systems and above all the lacking of collective political and public will and bold initiatives to stop these monsters, help corruption get entrenched in our system and harm ordinary citizens and their right to development and prosperity.

The need of this high time is to bring appropriate remedies to stop the corruption. It should be started from our homes itself. We will have to check our self. There should be no hesitation to bring in innovative and meaningful reforms in our system and of course in our mentality. To eradicate corruption it is essential to tackle both givers and takers. A culture of self-restraint should be inculcated in our minds and actions to desist from paying and taking corruption. There is an urgent need for all the citizens everywhere to join hands for ensuring eradication of the seemingly uncontrollable monster of corruption and help mankind free from anarchy and violations of human rights. We have to understand that combating corruption is not just about punishing corrupt politicians and bureaucrats but about saving human lives, human rights and peace everywhere.

Astrologically speaking the Dasha and Gochar India is going through do promise a positive outcome of the movement the people are trying to be a part off. BUT the biggest question still lies in the fact that after all who is going to benefit out of these agitation. Is it the people or another political party which in itself is nail and toothless?

The horoscope of India is not that strong which promises some miracles in a given frame of time but is weak enough to fall prey to some ill understood misadventure.

The bottom-line to curb this corruption : let us cleanse ourselves.. one family .. one colony…. one town and the whole country. Let us pledge that bribe and its allied things has nothing to do with us. I f this comes in our mind and we implement it, no one can afford to be corrupt.


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