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12 Pointer on Love and Romance


Love and romance are those milestones in ones life that every individual is bound to encounter. It totally depend upon the individual that how efficiently and effectively he encounters these stages in life. It may be a possibility that he loves one and romances many or he romances the one he loves. It can also be a possibility that he/she does not get the right person who could be loved. Maybe the person in the dreams is far away from the sight or the one who is within the sight, very far away from reach.

 The dilemma associated in this phase of life is bound to affect most if not all. When this bug bites an individual, to his/her understanding the friends turn foes, well wishers turn ill wishers.

For those who are on this cross road and for whom the next step in life is a distant dream until this maze gets solved, I have devised a twelve pointer, which would definitely tell an individual how far he/she is struck in the muck.


1.      Do you have a compatibility issue with your partner? Are you scared or in a fix and this problem has dragged on for quite sometime now.

2.      You or your beloved have developed serious disliking towards one another.

3.      There is some sought of doubt on the truthfulness of the partner.

4.      The partner has off late started giving more excuses, even for small type of things.

5.      The faithfulness of the partner is always questionable.

6.      The person you were seeing has stopped seeing or talking to you.

7.      You do not wish to see or to talk to your partner.

8.      In spite of many friends you still feel that you have not found the ultimate soul mate.

9.      The partner is not that attentive as he/she was before.

10.  You have not found the soul mate at all till date, will you find one.

11 .Will he/she respond to my initiations in a affirmative            manner.

12. Can I ever get the person I love?


Now that one more of the noted problems are nagging you and no help in this world is guiding you enough then believe me that you now are in a urgent need of an astrologer, who could calculate that the fears you have hold some ground or not and what is the eventual outcome of these.

The stars/planets which have made this intriguing muddle for you, do they have a solution too? And for how long this will affect you all these and the effective remedial measures can be readily answered by aid of Vedic astrology. Seek an appointment today and come out of it.


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