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July-2011,15 Guru Poornima

Guru Purnima, also known as Ved Vyas Purnima or Vyasa Poornima, is an auspicious day in Ashad month. Guru Purnima falls on Ashad Purnima, Full Moon in Ashad month (June – July).Guru Purnima 2011 date is July 15. This is also popular as Maha Ashadi. It is believed that on Ashad Purnima day, Sage Veda Vyasa completed writing, editing, and compiling the Chaturvedas (Four Vedas). Veda Vyasa is known as the first Guru in Hinduism, since Ashad Purnima is referred to as Guru Purnima.

The "Gurus" are considered to represent God himself. Guru is the one who dispels the darkness of ignorance and infuses the light of awareness into our lives.Guru Purnima is a day when we pay obeisance to the lifeline of the civilization of India - the guru-sisya-parampara or mentor-protege lineage.

Guru Purnima is the most important time of the year for receiving the blessings of holy people.  Blessings received during this time are equal to the blessings received during the entire rest of the year.Guru Purnima is not the festival to offer garland to the Guru or presenting a few coins or good clothes. It is the festivity to adhere to the total purity, truth and character. Our real worship to our master or preceptor is to offer the flowers of Sama, Dama, Titiksha, Upparati, Shraddha, Samadhan, Vivek, Vairagya, Mumukshatva, Truth, Chestity, Purity, Character, Good Conduct and Total Surrender. These fifteen qualifications or virtues are the offerings or the need to be cultivated for the Guru pooja upon this holy day.

Guru is worshipped and respected same as God. All the initiation of god over earth cant leads to historical signature on the people without Guru- Gyan . Would it be Krishna or Ram they make his lifestyle to be remembered and adopted by followers due to only the knowledge that they get from their Guru’s  This day is very special for sants and sadhus. It is celebrated at various Ashrams and at Shivananda on grand level in Rishikesh. Special kind of puja and worship of “Vyasa” is organized by the Devotees on this day.


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