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101 Rishis / Sages of Vedic India

Agasthya: Grandson of Lord Brahma, the Creator, among the Trinity, son of \Sage Pulasthya, husband of Sage Lopamudra and father of Dadhasyu, a poet.

Angire: Also known as Sumantru muni. He is the mind-born son of Brahma, husband of Smrithi, (daughter of Daksha,) and father of Sage Brihaspathi, priest of Devas or demi-gods.

Atri: Mind-born son of Brahma, husband of Anasuya daughter of Daksha and father of three sons viz. Sage Dattatreya, an amsa of Vishnu, Sage Durvasa an amsa of Siva and Soma or Moon, an amsa of Brahma.

Ashita: He wanted to marry Satyavathi [who later married King Shantanu], daughter of Dasharaja, leader of the fishing community which lived by the side of Yamuna river but in vain.

Atharvan: Mind-born son of Brahma and husband of Shanthi, daughter of Daksha.

Ashtavakra: Born as soon of Sujatha and Kahoda, and a disciple of Sags Uddhalaka.

Apasthamba: A very well-versed Rishi on matters of conducting yajnas.

Aswalaya: He was student of Sage Shaunaka of Brahma Satra fame.

Brihadaswa: He was very revered sage.

Bhaka: A very learned Rishi. Indira himself came to him to know the disadvantages of living long.

Bharadwaja: He was born out of Brihaspathiís seed which fell out of womb of his sister-in-law Mamata, whom he forcibly possessed while she was pregnant.

Brighu: A very powerful son of Lord Brahma of the Trinity, husband of Khyathi, daughter of Dharma, father of Lakshmi-goddess of prosperity, and Ushanas [also known as Kavi or Sukra] the wisest of wise men and Ruchika and great grand father of Parasurama.

Brihaspathi: Son of Sage Angiras and Shraddha; father of Kacha who married Devayani.

Bharata: Son of King Rishabha.

Chyavana: One of the six sons of Sage Brighu he was born prematurely when his pregnant mother was kidnapped; he married Princess Sukanya and was father of Aurva, a rishi.

Charaka: He is credited with having composed the Charaka Samhita, the primary source of Ayurveda [the science of extending life and of medicine]. The knowledge on the drugs etc.

Devala: A great sage with the power of foresight, propagated the Vedic knowledge and the idea of God.

Durvasa: Son of Sage Atri and Anasuya, husband of Ajamukhi and father of two danavas Llvala and Vatapi.

Dhadeechi: Husband of Suvarcha and father of Sage Atharvan and Sage Pippalada. In ancient times he was a great sage well-known for performing sacrifices.

Dhaumya: He is also known as Apod Dhaumya and Sage Upamanya was his disciple.

Dattatreya: Son of sage Atri and Anasuya.

Garga: A learned rishi with the power to know things existing as well as future.

Gargi: Aso known as Vidhushi or Vachaknavi, daughter of sages Vachaknu.

Gautama: Son of blind rishi Dirghatma and Pradveshi, and husband of Ahalya ? daughter of Brahma.

Jaratkaru: Husband of Jaratkaru and father of Aasthika.

Jaimini: A disciple of Sage Veda Vyasa who entrusted him with the Sama Veda for Furtherance.

Jamadagni: Son of Ruchika and Satyavathi, husband of Renuka and father of Sage Parasurama. He is one of the Saptharishis or great seven sages.

Kanva: Son of Sage Medhatithi.

Kanada: A great and scholarly sage.

Kardama: Mind-born son of Brahma of the Trinity and husband of Devahuti (daughter of Manu and Satarupa).

Kapila: Son of Sage Kardama and Devahuti and considered as an incarnation of Mahavishnu.

Katyayana: A very learned sage.

Kratu: One of the mind-born sons of Brahma of Trinity and husband of Kriya (daughter of Manu and Satarupa).

Kashyapa: Mind-born son of Brahma of the Trinity one of the Saptharishis or great seven sages.

Kaushika: A sage with great powers but short tempered.

Kandu: A great sage known for doing difficult penance.

Latyayana: A sage of great learning a disciple of Sage Saunaka of Brahma Yajna fame.

Lomasa: A sage with a soft heart for Pandavas.

Maitreyi: Wife of Sage Yajnavalkhia.

Maitreya: A disciple of Sage Parasara.

Mandukya: A very powerful sage.

Medhathi: Also known as Medhavi son of sage Baladhi.

Marici: One of the sons of Brahma of Trinity married to Kala (daughter of Manu and Satarupa). Sage Kashyapa is his son and Ganga is his granddaughter.

Mandavya: He is known also a Animandavya.

Mahidasa: Aithreya. A master on vedic matters.

Markhandeya: Son of Sage Marikandu. Also known as Puranacharya.

Matanga: A very erudite sage with divine power to distinguish an incarnation from the mortal.

Mrikandu: Father of Sage Markhandeya.

Nara and Narayana: Twin sons of Vahvricha and Ahimsa.

Narada: Mind-born son of Brahma and a bachelor with an attractive personality was the disciple of Sanatkumara, another bachelor devotee of Lord Narayana.

Nimi: Son of Sage Atreya and a great rishi.

Panini: A great sage with erudition on grammar of Sanskrit language.

Paila: A disciple of Rishi Veda Vyasa.

Pulastaya: A mind-born son of Brahma, husband of Priti, (daughter of Manu and Satarupa), father of Sage Visravas and grandfather of King Ravana.

Patanjali: This sage is a contemporary of Sage Vyagrapada and is considered an incarnation of Adisesha; he is in the form of a human body with the head of a five hooded snake.

Pulaba: A mind-born son of Brahma of the Trinity, husband of Gati (daughter of Sage Kadarma).

Parasara: Son of Sage Sakri and Adashyanti, husband of Matsyagandhi Satyavathi, and father of Veda Vyasa.

Pippalada: Son of Sage Dadheechi and Suvarcha. A sage of great standing.

Rishyasringa: Son of sage Vibhandhaka, married Santa. His mother was a deer and therefore had one born in the middle of his forehead.

Ruchi: A mind-born son of Brahma, and married Akuti, the daughter of Svayambhu Manu. He is the father of yajna, the first of all manus, an incarnation of Mahavishnu and of daughter Dakshina, a rebirth of goddess Lakshmi.

Romabarshana: The father of Sage Ugrasrava alias sage Suta and disciple of Veda Vyasa.

Rribbu: Son of King Nabhi and Marudevi.

Raivya: A great rishi known for penance and yagna. Always he engaged himself in tapasya [penance] or yagna [sacrifices].

Richika: Grandfather of Sage Parasurama and married to Saryavathi, (daughter of King of Gadhi) after satisfying the seemingly impossible demand of procuring on thousand swift silver white horses with one ear black from the outside and red from the inside.

Sakatayana: Disciple of sage Sanak Kumar.

Sukesa: Son of Sage Bharadwaja.

Suka: Son of Sage Veda Vyasa and Shuki.

Shaunaka: Son of Sage Ruru and Pramadvara and grandson of sage Gritsamada.

Sandipani: The most fortunate of all gurus of the world this Sage was the teacher to Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Mahavishnu.

Suta: Son of Sage Romaharshana actual name was Ugrasrava whereas this sage was popularly known by the title Suta [one born of a brahmana father and khastriya mother].

Sadananda: Also known as Saradvan, son of Sage Gautama and preceptor of King Janaka of Mithila.

Shameega: Father of Sage Shringi.

Sukracharya: Son of sage Brighu also known as Uhsasna and Kavi, and father of Devayani.

Saubari: A teacher of Rig Veda and master of Mantras.

Sarabhanga: A sage known for performing a variety of yagas and yagnas.

Satyavrata: A sage of vedic period.

Shandilya: A disciple of sage Atharvan.

Svetasvatara: A very scholarly rishi well conversant with mantras, rituals etc.

Svayambhuva Manu: Son of Lord, Brahma and the first Manu title holder.

Satyatapa: A sage with great power.

Saakaayana: A self-realised rishi and a great teacher.

Utathya: Son of sage Angira married Bhadra, the daughter of Moon.

Upamanyu: Son of Sage Vyagrapad a devotee of Lord Siva.

Uddalaka: Father of the famous Nachiketa.

Vasishta: One of the mind-born sons of Brahma, married Arundhathi, the daughter of Manu and Satarupa.

Vyagrapada: Was married to the sister of Sage Vasishta. His son was sage Upanayu.

Vatsayana: A great sage with considerable knowledge on the emotional side of human being.

Visravas: son of sage Pulasthaya, grandson of Brahma and the father of demon King Ravana, his brothers Kumbhakarna and Vibheeshana, and their sister Soorpanakha through his demon wife Kaikasi. He is the father of Kubera, the Lord of wealth through his first wife.

Vaivasvata: This sage holds the title of Manu, the seventh.

Vaishampayana: disciple of Veda Vyasa.

Viswamitra: son of King Gadhi or Gathin of Kanyakhubja [Uttar Pradesh], by birth a kshatriya and by name Kaushik, husband of Madhavi and father of Ashtaka.

Valmiki: A robber by name Rathnakara turned sage.

Vamadeva: A great rishi who acquired power to restore life to the dead through prayers and penances. He had two swift horses.

Veda Vyasa: Son of Sage Parasara and Matsyagandhi Satyavathi, [the latter became second wife of King Shantanu. His real name was Krishna Dvaipayana meaning person in black complexion born in an island. He was also known as Badarayana as he set up his Badarikashrama at Bhadrinath. Sage Suka, the first narrator of Bhagavatha Puranam to King Parikshit was his son.

Valkhilyas: They are the sons of Sage Kratu and Kriya.

Vibhandhaka: Father of Sage Rishyasringa.

Yajnavalkhya: Son of Devaraata of Mithila, and husband of female sage Maitreyi. He was a disciple of Sage Vaishampayana for sometime.






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