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A Complete Makeover of Your

Kismat or Fate Through Hindu Vedic Ways

BHAGYA SAMHITA - 10 Years Predictions

Aapki Kismat has launched a book named “BHAGYA SAMHITA” containing individual analysis for Ten years of Good Time, Bad Time, Remedies, friend Planets, Enemy Planets , their effect and remedies, different transitional effect on life and remedies, suitable gems, gods, days colors etc. This book has been made by vinay ji, by a long research and analysis of vedic grantha and manuscript, and succeeded to introduce a best abstract of Individual’s life through vedic ways.

This is made by Vinayji after he speaks to you for 15/20 minutes thru face to face or telephonic / skype , tries to co-relate your past events, present situation or the problems, figures out the reasons first, then suggests you the remedial measures for immediate relief so that you start generating faith in his astro solutions & thereafter the BHAGYA SAMHITA is mastered by him for your next 10 years life.  

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