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A Complete Makeover of Your

Kismat or Fate Through Hindu Vedic Ways

BHAGYA SAMHITA, Your ten year prediction

What is Bhagya Samhita?

Bhagya Samhita is a divine tool created to eradicate the misery of an individual and this world through Indian Vedic ways.


The science of astrology not only gives an insight to peep into the future but also has the power to suggest such measures which can transform the future, if not all but to a considerable extent. The Vedas, Upanishads and the Vedangangs (all ancient scriptures) all preach about the righteous path one should follow and foretells the results if one fails to observe the path. All these scriptures and the other ones were written after deep and prolonged observance by the saints and sages of ancient India and as they say science is nothing but systematic knowledge gained through observation and experimentation, so these scriptures which were written over a period of many millennium are nothing but science.

Human body is constituted of panch-tatwa which is five constituents Jal or water, thal or earth, vayu or air, aakash or sky and agni or fire. These five things control the human body and excessiveness or depletion of any of these constituents can make body sick likewise in addition to these five constituents the planetary motion have a considerable impact to the different traits of human involvement. These five constituents and planets cast an effect on human fate which can be altered if only their effects are understood.

Bhagya Samhita understands these effects and suggests those remedial measures which can negate or enhance the effects.


Sant Kabeer had said “ Dukh main sumiran sab karien sukh main karein na koi, aur jo sukh main sumiran Karein dukh kahe ho hoi” which means that all remember and pray to the almighty when in some problem but if they do so when they are happy, the problem will not come near them.

Bhagya samhita is such a tool for you, if you follow the Upaya in your merrier time, the problem shall not strike you at all. 

And for those who have not followed it in their happier times and now are engulfed in some problem should not despair as it can still resolve your problem.


As an aspirin cannot be the medicine for all your ailments likewise observing fasts on a certain day, going to a temple on a certain day, following and praying a single deity shall not solve your problem. 

Your different traits like your health, education, courage, home, mother, father, relatives, love life, spouse, business, employment, income etc are all governed by different planets , constellation and God. If you start praying to a single deity the traits of your life which are looked by Him shall get looked upon but what about the other ones… You should understand whom to follow and when to follow.

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