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WikiLeaks, USA and the World


WikiLeaks, USA and the World

See this drama, first Julian Assange, spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website, hints for exposing all (Government intention, thoughts & politics) through a world wide internet release. The US administration is all after him to suspend/terminate his releases as if they have an accurate idea of what he is going to show to the world.
The super power of the world fail to prevent the Australian from releasing his long accumulated facts and figures and when he is on a binge of exposing the various Government facts, he has emerged on the Government most wanted list “served red corner notice” not on something relating to WikiLeaks but something out of the blue “a sex crime”.
What the US administration wants to prove by acting such a strange manner? Even if they are guilty of all what Julian is saying or is about to say, they should have acted in a very different manner so that it would have been less embracing for them while facing the world.
Now if the calculation of all these events is done through some other tools, of which I am most familiar to i.e astrology, I find that Julian may be trying to prove a point by exposing whatever he may or may not have but the country in the eye of storm is eventually benefitting out of it.
There may be many theories to put forth as to how these countries may benefit, but the factuality is that they are benefitting and what all cannot be said upfront due to protocol is being said to the world through a mouth piece known as Julian Assange.


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