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Jupiter in Pisces, who will benefit and who will not


Jupiter in Pisces, who will benefit and who will not

On 6th of December 2010 Jupiter transited from Capricorn to Pisces and shall stay here t­­­­­­ill May 2011. This placement of Jupiter is nice for many Signs but for some other this migration may not prove that fruitful. Lets see what results each sign shall have as a result of this migration.
 It must be kept is mind that what ever is written hereunder is based on you moon sign and results may vary depending upon the placement of planets in ones horoscope.

Aries:- This placement of Jupiter in the Pisces sign may not be that beneficial for this sign of the zodiac. Constant fear, sorrow may engulf you. Your friends may start considering you worthless; you may be forced to leave your house and the likes.

Taurus:-  Jupiter for you will shine. You will benefit from the present place of employment; your children will make you proud. The defeat of enemies is eminent and good amount of earnings is indicated.

Gemini:- This transit of Jupiter shall not be that positive for you. You may suffer on you employment front. Striking altercation shall be very simple for you. Loss of earned money is also indicated. So plan well.

Cancer:- Your fortune shall increase manifolds. Plan is an effective manner as your planning shall not fail and you will immensely benefit out of it. An overall effective period is ahead for you.

Leo:-  You may troubled with too many voyages, your hard work may not get you the desired result. Safety of your valuable is a must as theft is also indicated. You may loose you temper on trivial issues. Be cautious.

Virgo:- This is the best time to enjoy your married life as the altercation between you may not rise. You will benefit in your business and your partner if any may bring you more profits. Your mental capabilities will also increase in this period and you yourself shall be amazed.

Libra:- Be vary of your so called friends and relatives, as this transit of Jupiter is going to benefit them through you, wherein you shall be the looser. Your health also may not keep well.

Scorpio:- Birth of a child, meeting with friends, praises from the employer or state, overall happiness, good profits and promotions, these is what in store for you. Go make the most of it.

Sagittarius:- you may take wrong decisions on property front, you may break  away with a near relative or friend, enemies shall be on the prowl and you may leave your house for some commitments. Overall you will have be very meticulous in planning your affair.

Capricorn:- You may not be able to accomplish you tasks to your and employers likings. You may also have to change you job which may not prove fruitful. Some of you close associates shall have to bear the burn.

Aquarius:- This transit shall be the most beneficial for you. Whatever said shall prove true. Overall improvement in possessing wealth is indicated; overall family happiness shall also persist. Enemies shall vanish with minimal efforts.

Pisces:- Change of place is indicated, you may move out for the sake of your Job. You can loose a good amount of money in this period and the Job chosen shall also not be that fruitful. You may suffer mentally.
If you feel that the period ahead for you is not that good, do not despair as you horoscope can have some specific yoga to combat the evils if any, and furthermore vedic astrology can provide specific remedial measures to check the evils if any.


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