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Gems have wonderful power to mitigate the evil effects of planet and to cure various diseases. A Gem is nothing but a medicine in disguised. Human body is led with cosmic radiation. When this radiation becomes unbalanced in the body, we get upset and our health suffers.

 In order to bring a balance in cosmic radiation, gems are used because they harness the invisible admittance of the rays from planets and the cosmos. The entire process may be termed as the effect of the cosmic radiation depicted by the planetary position.

The position of a planet in the horoscope indicates the strength and weakness of the planet, its efficiency, as also reflected as potency or the deficiency in an individual. We select stones/gems to increase efficiency, or for removal of deficiency. But here the most important point to be stressed is that when a planet functions as a malefic in the horoscope, its stone should not be worn because it will further strengthen the planet and will add more power to do more evils/will affect the native in a negative way.

Our ancient Sages have classified 84 types of Gems. Out of these, 9 are Ratna, i.e. gems and 78 are Upratna (Semi-precious stones). The details of Main Gems are given below:-
PlanetGemSubstitute Stones
SunRubyGarnet, Spine (Suryamani)
MoonPearlMoon Stone
MarsCoralWhite Coral
MercuryEmeraldPeridot, Green Tourmaline
JupiterYellow SapphireTopaz, Citrine
VenusDiamondZircon, Opal, Crystal
SaturnBlue SapphireNeeli (sodalite), Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine
RahuGomedAgate, Brown Zircon, Brown tourmaline
KetuCat’s EyeTiger’As Eye, alexandrite, Amber

 The gem should touch your skin. But beware do not put the gem without consulting your horoscope.

 you may not be needing this type of treatment at all and lastly the Gem you put should be energized/ abhimantrit or else it won't perform.




Do you know that one of the most effective remedial solution in vedic astrology is by means of putting on gems. As your horoscope have both good as well as bad houses, the gems you are putting on can be enhancing the properties of the bad houses. Know the gems best suitable for you and also know how you can procure an unblemished and abhimantrit gem. 
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