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Kismat or Fate Through Hindu Vedic Ways

Progeny &Children

You may have a good amount of money with you, your job may be satisfying but what actually is troubling you is the delay in having offspring.

It may have happened that in the initial years of marriage you may not have wanted the child at all for many varied reason but now when you want it desperately, you are not bestowed upon this shower of ultimate pleasure.

What is eluding you for bearing a child? What can be done to solve this crisis?


Belive me that there may be chances that you can bear a child but you may be consulting/wrongly consulting a doctor.

Allow me to analyze your progeny and children through the various tools available with the ancient Vedic Astrology. I will guide you through the most effective Vedic remedial measures which can lessen if not eradicate the problems you are facing or you are suppose to encounter. You will get a step by step remedial methodology which can be adopted by you easily in your daily routine. The progeny analysis can have any of the following questions to your liking:-

When shall we plan for the next child ?

Health of the new born?

Can I ever have a child?

Astrology and adoption?

How many children shall I have?

I have to female child; will the third child be a male?

I have a male child, is there any Yoga for a female child ?

Most suitable time of birth for a caesarean child?

This is just an insight to the types of question you may have and seek an answer for it.
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