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Extra Marital Affair

Extra Marital Affair:

Hhmm…. This is what is troubling you for quite a while now. You are in an extra marital web and fully entangled and there seems no way out. You are also wary of the fact that entering into this kind of relationship will devastate your family but the extra bond is becoming stronger day by day and it is getting hard to break.

It is your belief that there is no solution to this puzzle and the cross road on which you are right now is such that heading in any direction will not bring an effective solution to your problem and the mayhem in you will continue.

OR Your spouse is getting a hint of your association and you want to bring an end to the extra bond.

OR It can also be a possibility that there may be nothing between you and anyone and your spouse and friends are trying and making a hill out of a mole.

OR The other possibility can be that your job needs more involvement with people of opposite sex and this makes your spouse suspicious.

OR Your spouse has a nagging habit of suspecting and doubting.

OR There is something in you who is turning you to become more flirty and there has been a sudden rise of urge in entangling yourself with someone OTHER.

Now believe me that your planetary position and Dasha(period) and Gochar(transit) is making you do so. Get yourself evaluated astrologically so that the extreme points (till the point you can venture) could be ascertained. This help in planning a suitable remedial measure so that you stop and recover back. MIND YOU MY MAIN JOB IS TO SAVE YOU FROM PUBLIC HUMILIATION AND DISGRACE if there is any.

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