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Behavior and emotional problems


The sudden spurts of anger, frustrations, rage , annoyance and the likes are very common in individual and what is more common is that we take these changes in behavior very ordinarily, thinking that these are sole incidents and would subside with time. But beware, these incidents can grow in frequency and change the basic nature of the individual which can in turn affect the growth of the individual both mentally and financially.

These spurts of anger, frustrations etc attack at any age. What is important to understand and to know is that -- what are the reasons that are prompting these behavioral changes in the individual. It is a possibility that these behavioral changes are prompted by some chemical changes in the brain that is making the individual more hyper or passive.

It is certain that here in this event of crisis, astrology can come to the rescue as it can for sure see what are the precise placement of stars which are prompting the brain to act in this fashion and it can also be effectively judged that since how long it has been affecting and how much damaged it has caused.

The ascendant chart along with D-6 and D-9 chart is read in commensuration with Dasha and Gochar(transit). It can be very precisely predicted that what remedial measures should be initialed by the native so that the effect gets minimized if not eradicated.

Have faith in astrology and its advices as it can not only change this emotional problem dramatically but also can suggest about the correctness of the path (Doctors and medicine) you have chosen. I have a firm belief that the stars in you have prompted to to surf to this page so that you or the affected person could come out of this antagonism.



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