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Kismat or Fate Through Hindu Vedic Ways

Birth Time Retification

Your Birth time may not be true, which can preventaccurateprediction .

Predictions derived only from Lagna or D1 may not be affected even with a difference of 2 hours as the chart does not change but if we were to fine tune the predictions for accuracy & advise with 100% authentication, then one needs to analyse all the SHODASH Varga which are the 16 divisional charts & there even a difference of few seconds could change the entire predictions SO BE VERY SURE OF YOUR ACCURATE BIRTH TIME before taking any predictions from any astrologer. IF you have any doubt of your birth time, come to me. I will ask many things about your past life cycle & keep coming close to your accurate birth time. FINALLY I would rectify & authenticate it. This is a very precise & job of great expertise. This can take upto even close to 60 minutes but finally determines your accurate BIRTH TIME.

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